Our Story

There are plenty of people around that want to manufacture images. They want to tell a story that seems interesting and compelling, even if the truth is a minor casualty in that pursuit. We want to find the stories that already exist and amplify them. Give a voice to reality in all its realness. Rather than creating an image or scene that represents an interesting version of what happened, we want to capture life as it happens.

It's our belief that the real stories - the ones we tell our children and our grand children - are the ones that need to be told. And we're now in an age where we can capture that in film, and do so in a compelling way. 

Let us capture those important moments of your life - exactly as they are. Beautiful. Flawed. Compelling. Moving. The things that happen right before your eyes.

image by: Laura Gordon http://lauragordonphotography.comĀ 

image by: Laura Gordon http://lauragordonphotography.com